1. ALFALFA FIELDS -  Fresh cut fields - green clover
  2. ALOE & WHITE LILAC TYPE -a fresh, complex fragrance beginning with notes of petitgrain, Italian bergamot, and ozonic notes,& lilac,
  3. ALOE VERA & CUCUMBER- he scent of crisp, cool cucumbers, refreshing green aloe and a touch of fresh citrus
  4. ALOHA - a tropical delight that combines sweet coconut and juicy island fruits with exotic, and delightfully fragrant native flora of tiare and plumeria flowers
  5. ALOHA PINEAPPLE -Slip on your lei and get ready for the tangy pineapple scent in this tropical smelling smoothie
  6. ALPINE CHEER TYPE-Add cheer to your winter with the crisp fragrance of mountain balsam, cedarwood bark and snow-white cranberry. If you want your house to smell like the holidays, this is the scent
  7. ALPINE FROST -bergamot, eucalyptus, sparkling icicle, thyme, basil, iris, amber, cedarwood, and musk.
  8. ALPINE SUEDE - A bold, sophisticated blend of alpine air and smooth suede, expertly crafted to capture a great outdoors adventure.
  9. AMAZING GRACE - will make you feel pretty...oh so pretty! Italian bergamot and sparkling lemon are sweetened with freshly picked citron and neroli. A white floral jasmine, orange blossom and rose are blended with sheer musk and cedarwood.
  10. AMAZON FALLS TYPE - Brazilian rainforest fresh air nuances intertwine with the nectary sweet watery notes and green rainforest fern nuances. This fresh, clean and invigorating blend combines leafy green notes to enhance and complete this fragrant accord inspired by the BBW scent
  11. AMBER & DRIFTWOOD - a warm, earthy blend of sandalwood and musk. Top notes of airy ozone and a hint of citrus open up to a sandalwood core that’s smoothed out with lightly sweet benzoin. Resinous amber and cedar blend with dark musk and a touch of powder for a rich woodiness in the base. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cedar, patchouli, and clove leaf.
  12. AMBER & SANDALWOOD - this scent combines warm and woody to create a fresh and sensual fragrance
  13. AMBER BLUSH - Sparkling bergamot, juicy mandarin, raspberry champagne. Middle notes of jasmine, Gardenia petals, star anise, apricot nectar, and magnolia blossom. Bottom notes of creamy Vanilla suede, crystalized amber, golden sandalwood and soft musk. inspired by the BBW scent
  14. AMBER NOIR - This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cedarwood oil; mandarin, cedar, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, dark musk
  15. AMBER ROMANCE TYPE - Amber and white musk dance throughout a sweet floral heart underscored by sultry sandalwood and vetiver inspired by the VS scent
  16. AMBER WATERS - woodsy, sexy, masculine aroma with top notes of pink grapefruit, Italian bergamot, and red berries, followed by middle notes of white lilies, lavender, and a marine accord; sitting on base notes of golden amber, patchouli, and guaiac wood
  17. AMBER WHITE TYPE - very elegant fragrance with an addictive aroma. A delicate and distinct musk with a note of fresh amber.
  18. AMBERED COTTON - Light and airy cotton is enhanced with the richness of amber mingled with floral and woody notes. An earthy, exotic twist on the fresh familiarity of clean cotton
  19. AMBERED OAK-Cool Bergamot-Old Leather-Lavender-Fresh Cut Oak Moss-Amber-Peppered Rose
  20. AMBERED PATCHOULI- White Soap -Airy Ozone Warm Amber-Caramel-Patchouli- Vanilla Musk
  21. AMBERED TOBACCO LEAF - Top Notes: Lemon Sparkle, Dried Apricot, Mandarin Leaf Middle Notes: Warm Cardamom, Sugared Orchid, Water Lotus Base Notes: Cuban Tobacco, Amber, Brushed Sandalwood
  22. AMERICAN CREAM TYPE - Creamy vanilla with a small touch of earthiness ! Yummy vanilla with notes of jasmine and violet blend with lavender and rose on a warm, woody base
  23. AMETHYST AURA-A quiet twilight glows in a wooded retreat. Boldly tart black currant and rich tobacco bark are punctuated with bright lemon with undertones of wood smoke.
  24. AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD our version is similar to a warm bread pudding and totally scrumptious!
  25. AMISH QUILT - tender sun kissed florals of heliotrope and jasmine, softly blended with woody violet and herbaceous anise to create a cozy scent of pure comfort.
  26. ANARCHY - Top - Citrus Middle - Sugar, Black Pepper Bottom - Patchouli, Musk
  27. ANCIENT INCENSE -Oriental fragrance with exotic florals drying to a background of patchouli and warm vanilla.
  28. ANGEL FOOD CAKE - The scent of light, buttery, melt in your mouth Angel Food Cake.
  29. APHRODISIAC TYPE - top notes of grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, and green tomato leaf; followed by middle notes of jasmine, lily, bamboo and dry base notes of eucalyptus and woods
  30. APPLE BERRY - green apple top notes with floral middle notes of Jasmine & Rose with sweet vanilla and cotton candy type bottom notes
  31. APPLE BLOSSOM -combination of delicious apple, peach, melon and delicate white Flower. A fruity floral delight!
  32. APPLE COBBLER - Deliciousness of toffee, baked apples, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg bubbling in a flaky crust and pulled right from the oven make this a "slice" above the rest
  33. APPLE HARVEST -a true, ripe apple fragrance oil combined with bright fruit notes 
  34. APPLE MANGO TANGO TYPE -You will love our version of this popular scent! A tropical blend of sweet floral and exotic fruits infused with a woodsy, musky base.
  35. APPLE MAPLE BOURBON - This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon leaf, tangerine, mandarin, and orange. Apple, cinnamon, orange; bourbon, butter, coconut, maple, vanilla
  36. APPLE STRUSEL-hot freshly stewed apples alongside warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar encased in a golden pastry
  37. APPLEJACK- fresh peeled apples with zesty top notes of cinnamon and clove.  Sitting on base notes of maple, vanilla, cream, and musk
  38. APPLETINI TYPE- Invigorating green, sour apple notes intertwine with delectable tropical fruits and Warm musk 
  39. APPLEWOOD FERN - applewood + green stems and green flora 
  40. APRICOT FREESIA - fresh, fruity accord with nuances of peach on a background of freesia with slight undertones of green. Very fresh and clean
  41. APRICOT GROVE -  upscale but homey scents. Slightly floral with just a hint of woodsiness, subtle notes of pear blend with mid notes of apricot, nectarine and jasmine cushioned by a base of vetiver, patchouli and vanilla.
  42. APRIL FRESH TYPE - Dryer fresh linens enhanced with the aroma of an early spring afternoon
  43. AQUAMARINE TYPE - ocean water- soft smooth mint -wet stone compared to BBW
  44. AQUA DI GIO TYPE-- Sexy, fresh, aquatic aroma with bergamot, neroli, and tangerine; flowing into mid notes of rosemary, jasmine, and persimmon; all sitting on a woodsy base note of essential oil of patchouli.
  45. AQUA KISS TYPE - An aquatic Eden is illustrated in this refreshing clean fragrance. Sea notes, freesia, and aloe vera lead this amazing blend.
  46. ARABIE - A rich woody cedar and sandalwood base infused with mandarin peel, figs, and dates with added hints of nutmeg, cumin, and clove. This is a truly sensual fragrance
  47. ARGAN MAGIC TYPE - smells just like the argan magic hair care, sheer floral accord with ripe red fruit tones and warmed with exotic woods.
  48. ARUBA SHORES - mango, pineapple, and coconut unfolding to reveal floral notes of hibiscus, rose, and violet. Anchoring this scent, you will find notes of palm leaves and exotic musk.
  49. ARUGULA TYPE - Green, grassy vetiver and Meditarranean arugula leaf and root - with its distinctive peppery aroma intertwine with an ozonic-refreshing hint of lavender, warm musk, sweet basil and pressed cylamen leaves.
  50. AUSTRALIAN BAMBOO GRASS - Top Notes: lemon zest, spearmint, bamboo, lime, fresh air Mid Notes: lily of the valley, French lavender Base Notes: palm bark, musk, bamboo stalks
  51. AUTUMN EMBERS - This scent begins with a warm and smokey base with relaxing chamomile, cardamom, and lavender, followed by florals of orange blossom, orris, and oakmoss.
  52. AUTUMN IN THE PARK TYPE - Fresh peeled apples mixed with the crispness of fall leaves. Then add just a hint of lemon and pumpkin. The perfect fall scent. inspired by the yankee scent
  53. AUTUMN LODGE -Aged Wood • Embers • Cherry Tobacco
  54. AUTUMN NIGHTS TYPE - Crisp autumn nights come to life with nutmeg and cinnamon layered with applewood and cedar inspired by the BBW scent
  55. AUTUMN RAIN - It's a crisp Autumn day and the rain has just begun to fall. The fresh, dewy, cool Autumn air carries the scent of dried leaves and hay bales from the farm next door as well as amber and fresh cut wood from the wood pile across the yard. Fallen leaves, hay bales, fresh stacked wood, cool Autumn air. A fresh, invigorating, strong scent that is true to its name.
  56. AUTUMN WALK TYPE - This Fall fragrance perfectly captures the scents of brisk air, crisp leaves, and woody notes. Made up of rich mountain pine, cedar, and golden aspen with hints of forest berries, sage, and clove inspired by the BBW scent
  57. AUTUMN WOODS -walk in the woods with the smell of crisp leaves under foot and fresh pine with berries falling off the trees.
  58. AVOBATH TYPE - Lemongrass and clove are blended with lavender in this botanical inspired blend. Rich woods lead to the base layers of musk for lingering softness. inspired by the BBW scent
  59. AVOCADO COCONUT TYPE Lush ripe avocado with kisses of tart lime lead this refreshing fragrance. Creamy coconut, vanilla, and musk forms its comforting base. compared to BBW
  60. AVOCADO & SEA SALT- You're gonna love this one! Creamy avocado are intertwined with notes of rose, grapefruit and salty sea air.
  61. AZURE SANDS -complex fragrance that incites the feeling of warm indulgence with notes of Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Coconut and Tuberose