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804 ESCENTIALS LLC has the perfect scent to make your house feel like home, a luxurious collection of exquisite fragrances handcrafted to capture the essence of comfort -joy - uplifting or relaxation. With a wide range of captivating custom blended scents, let 804 Escentials transport you to a world of blissful memories and fresh possibilities through the transformative power of scent.


Step into a world where fragrances capture your imagination and transport you to delightful places. Our online library of scents is a treasure trove of aromas waiting to be discovered. From the zesty citrus groves to the serene lavender fields, each scent tells a story and evokes emotions. Whether you’re looking to uplift your mood, create a relaxing ambiance, or find that perfect signature perfume, our collection has something for everyone.Explore our library today and find the fragrance that speaks to you. Let your senses guide you through an olfactory journey like no other.

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    Current processing time – Processing time varies depending on products ordered however We strive for same or next day shipping. lets face it - we do not like to wait on our orders to arrive and we don't want you to either!

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    Create your signature scent with our customizable options. Don't see what you want? Contact us for personalized recommendations.

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