804 Escentials Custom Blends


99 PROBLEMS BUT A BIRCH AINT 1 -Cracklin Birch - Amber Blush -Rose Vanilla
A LOAD OFF MY MIND-Fresh Linen + Blue Skies +White Clouds
ACAI SORBET CANDY - acai blackberry rainbow sherbet creamy vanilla pop rocks raspberry
AFTER THE RAIN -Summer Rain-Morning Dew-White Rose Petals-Petitgrain-Fresh Air- Ozone- Sandalwood
AIRING MY DIRTY LAUNDRY - Fresh Cut Grass - Baja Cactus Blossom - Snuggle
ALANI - blue spruce - woodland orange - moss
ALPINE MOON- Alpine frost.-Harvest moon. Fresh snow
ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID-Fresh washed laundry pink chiffon sheer floral fresh Air
AMARA- moroccan cashmere - jasmine - sandalwood - white musk
AMBERED COTTON- An earthy exotic twist on the fresh familiarity of clean cotton.
ANGEL OF SERENITY - Divine Dream Angels + Seaside Serenity + Sea Salt
APPLE BERRY PIE -Hot Apple Pie - Fresh Strawberries - pie crust
APPLE OF MY PIE - mac apple- green apple- spices -warm apple pie
APPLE ROLLS gooey cinnamon rolls filled with diced spiced apples with icing drizzle
APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS-Raindrops- Lilac - White Iris -Pear Blossom - Sandalwood Vanilla
ARASHI - Cracklin Birch - Juniper Breeze - Thunderstorm -lily
AUTUMN AT SEA - Fresh Fall Leaves - Salty Sea Air - Sea Mist
AUTUMN BONFIRE- fresh fallen leaves - crackling firewood - patchouli
AUTUMN GOLD - chrysanthemum-fresh fall leaves - 24k gold - green leaves
AUTUMN PICNIC - Autumn Leaves - woolen blanket - blue skies
AUTUMN RED - radiant red maple - fresh fall leaves - pecan - oak
AUTUMN SUNSET - Autumn nights type - fresh fall leaves -fall spices with a hint of citrus
AUTUMNAL EQUINOX - Fresh Fall Leaves - Clean Crisp Air - Raindrops
BABY MAMA DRAMA -Baby Powder - Marshmallows -Citrus Basil - Light amber
BAJA BREEZE - Baja Cactus blossom - bamboo grass - clean air
BAMBOO BREEZE- Rich and luxurious aroma with hints of sandalwood-black bamboo-cedarwood- musk-floral-sweet fruit
BAMBOO DREAMZzz -Fresh Bamboo + Dreamcatcher + Orchid
BANANA FLAMBE POPTART-banana crepes unicorn poptart w brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon sugar
BANANA SPLIT JELLY BEANS= Vanilla ice cream+Banana+Jelly Beans+ Cherry
BATTERY OPERATED BOYFRIEND = marine +oakmoss+amber+lavender+dark musk+vetiver+ tonka bean
BEACH LIFE-Palo Santo + emerald sands + dancing daises
BEACH NIGHT BONFIRE - Beach Nights + Bonfire + campfire smoke
BEACH ROMANCE-Beach Nights + Amber Romance +White Clouds
BEACHSIDE BUNGALOW-Beachwood + White Blossoms + Raindrops + Pure Sunshine
BEAUTY & THE BEACH -Bum Bum + Palo Santo +Greek Island Breeze
BELLATRIX-Amber Rose + Tobacco Flower + White Birch
BELLIGERENCE IN THE BEDROOM- Cocoa Butter Cashmere - Pink Sugar - Swedish Dream Salt
BERRY BREAD -Sweet Strawberries - Zucchini Bread - Sugared Musk
BIRTHDAY BASH-strawberry spun sugar confetti sprinkles vanilla cotton candy birthday cake
BIRTHDAY TROPICALE-juicy fruit gum type fresh green mango + mango lassi + birthday cake
BLACK COTTON - Egyptian cotton - sea salt - ozone - amber - dark musk
BLACK COW- Blackberry Sweetened Condensed Milk Sugar Milk
BLACK FLANNEL SHIRT-cozy flannel + fresh air + petals +cotton blossom + blonde woods +white musk
BLACK MOUNTAIN POP - Blackberry,Mountain Dew,Fizzy Pops
BLACK SHEETS= black sea clean cotton linen cotton blossom
BLACK WOODS- Twilight woods - Black opium - patchouli vanilla
Black Woods-Twilight woods - Black opium - patchouli vanilla
BLACKBERRY AMBROSIA CAKE-Birthday cake +blackberry and apple are complemented by middle floral notes with melon and sugar at the bottom
BLACKBERRY BAKERY - Blackberry - Old Town Bake Shop - Sweet Dough
BLACKBERRY CLOUDS - Blackberries -White Clouds -Fresh air
Blackberry Frosted Animal Cookies= Blackberry Jam+Blackberries+Warm Sugar Cookies+Frosting + Sprinkles
Blackberry Mojito- blackberry citrus acai musk sugar cane plum
BLACKBERRY MOSCATO -Moscato - Berry Brew - Blackberries & Apricot
BLACKBERRY PEACH COBBLER - Blackberry Jam + Sugared Peaches + brown sugar pie crust crumbles
BLACKBERRY PINEAPPLE SMASH-blackberry + fresh Pineapple + Sweet Orange
Blackberry Punch- blackberry hawaiian punch sugarcane
BLOJOB BETTY - pink sugar, pink bubblegum and an array of mixed fruits
BLOW N SUCK-Grape Blow Pops, Pink Bubblegum. Cherry, Vanilla
BLOW POPS AND LEMON DROPS - sugared lemon, grape blow pops, kaffir lime and hint of strawberry
Blue Balls- blueberry cobbler marshmallow smoothie ice cream blueberries & Cream
BLUE BAMBOO BREEZE- Australian bamboo grass - midnight blue citrus- clean breeze - summer nights
BLUE CAMO - Amber - Blue Sugar - Tonka Bean - Oakmoss
BLUE CLOTHESPINS-clothespins. Midnight blue citrus. Fresh linen
BLUE COTTON-Blue Sugar + Egyptian Cotton Type + Clean Breeze
BLUE CRANBERRY JAM- Midnight blue citrus. Cranberry citrus. Strawberry jam
BLUE FLAME - Midnight blue citrus-. Fireside -smokey vanilla
BLUE FLANNEL - Flannel + Blue Sugar
BLUE GRASS BANJOS- Blue Sugar - Fresh Cut Grass - hypnotic tonka
BLUE KIWI SLUSH- Blue raspberry slushie, kiwi.-Raspberry
BLUE LINEN- Midnight blue citrus. Clean cotton. Fresh linen.
BLUE PANDA - Midnight Blue Citrus - Fresh Bamboo - Snuggle - fresh air
BLUE PATCHOULI - Ambered patchouli - Blue sugar - sheer Musk
BLUE PINEAPPLE SLUSH- blueberry slushie aloha pineapple blueberry
BLUE SORBET CANDY - blueberry slushie + rainbow sherbet + creamy vanilla + pop rocks + raspberry jam
Blue Tide- Blue Sugar Type + Tide
BLUE WATERMELON FIZZ-Blue Hawaiian, Wild Watermelon, Fizzy Pops
BLUEBERRY BOMB-blueberry cobbler. Blueberry flapjacks. Creamy honey. Marshmallow bomb
BLUEBERRY COCONUT CONE-Blueberry Cheesecake. Coconut cream pie. Boardwalk vanilla cone. Blueberry sugar
BLUEBERRY CREPE CAKE-Birthday cake crepes stacked high with juicy blueberries and a few Maple Crumbles
BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY - Gypsy Water + Sandalwood & Blue Sage + Vetiver
BOMBPOP FIZZ - Sugared Lemon & Lime + Red Cherry + Blueberry + Fizzy pop
BOMBPOP FLOAT - Sugared Lemon & Lime + Red Cherry + Blueberry + Vanilla Ice Cream
BONFIRE ON THE COAST - Bonfire - Coastal Cypress - Sea Salt
Boozie Bites - yeast dougnuts vanilla cinnamon sugar b0urbon accord
BOTANICAL GARDENS-sweet pea - Stroll in the Graden - Raindrops- White Jasmine
Bow & Arrow+ birchwood pine balsam dancing daisies watery undertones
BRANCHING OUT - Apple Blossoms - caribbean teakwood - blue spruce
BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS- Oatmeal Milk & Honey + cherry jelly donuts
Breakups & Makeups-Red Lipstick Pink Magnolia White Blossoms
Bromance-Black Sea lavender smoky vanilla driftwood dark amber
BUBBLEGUM & GUMMY BEARS-grape hubba bubba + Gummy Bears + Sugared Musk
Bubblegum jelly beans= bubblegum+ jelly beans + homespun sugar
BUMP N GRIND-strawberry lemon ice + strawberry raspberry guava + juicy fruit gum
BURNING BIRCH - Fireside + White Birch + Patchouli
BURNING LEAVES - Fresh Fall Leaves- Bonfire + campfire smoke
BUTTERBEER-rootbeer butterscotch creamy ice cream soda
Buttermilk Pie - Pie Crust + Velvet Vanilla + Sugar Cookie Dough + Buttery Brulee
CAFE VIENNA CREAM-Coffee + cake batter ice cream + Birthday cake = this is a creamy coffee blend
CAKE BY THE OCEAN-Blue Ocean Waves + Birthday Cake + Sea Salt
Cakes N Shakes-Strawberry pound cake type Strawberry milkshake type whipped cream
CALM BEFORE THE STORM - Cactus Flower & Jade - blue spruce - storm watch - ivy
Candy Kisses -Sweet Tarts xoxo Red Lipstick Pop Rocks
Caramel Popcorn Jelly beans=caramel jelly beans popcorn
CAREFREE - Patchouli passion - Thunderstorm - Green clover - Aloe
CASCADE FALLS - Black Sea - Amazon Falls - fresh air
CASHMERE MOON cashmere moon flower jasmine white blossoms
Champaka & Bamboo = jasmine lavender lilac fresh bamboo patchouli sandalwood
Cherry Berry Shortstacks-strawberry cherry yellow cake whipped cream sugar cookie
Cherry Chapstick = sweet cherries sugared syrup vanilla
CHERRY COLADA-Cherry Kool aid, Black Cherry, Pina Colada
CHERRY FROSTED COOKIES-cherry cookies pink frosted cake sugar cookie dough
CHEWY BAT WINGS - Black Licorice + Blackberry + Black cherry
CHILDREN OF THE CORN -Cornbread + Candy Corn + Sugar Corn Pudding + Warm Milk
Christmas Bonfire-Frasier Fir + Bonfire Bliss + fireside
CHRISTMAS BY THE FIRE - christmas tree+ fireside + alpine frost + Snow flurries
CHRISTMAS CASHMERE - Winter Linen + Cashmere Woods & Tonka + Pink Sugar + bergamot
CHRISTMAS MORNING - Frosted Pinecones + Gold + Fireside
CHURCHYARD- Palo santo - Alfalfa fields - Fresh Air
CLEAN & SERENE - Seaside Serenity + Fluffy Towels + Marine Air
Clear Your Mind=palo santo + Lord Of Misrule+herbal lavender+Patchouli+Vanilla
CLEOPATRAS CROWN- Egyptian Amber +24 K Gold + patchouli & musk
Cloudy with a chance of Love -Love Spell Hydrangea White clouds Fresh Air
Cocoberry Trifle-coconut cream strawberry whipped cream yellow cake pie crust
CONNECTICUT CHEER - Christmas in Connecticut + Alpine cheer
Cookie Butter Crunch- Madagascar Vanilla- brown sugar- praline -shortbread
CORPSE BRIDE - Death & Decay + Vanilla Lace & Pearls + Calla Lily
CORPSE FLOWER Death & Decay + Forget Me Not + Raindrops
Cotton Candy Jelly Beans = Cotton Candy + Jelly Beans+homespun sugar
Count Your Blessings = white lilac aloe green clover night blooming jasmine stargazer lilies
COUNTRY BOY BLUES - blue spruce - moss - blue sugar - blue waters
COUNTRY CHARM - English Ivy -Spring Meadows - Cotton Tree
COURTNEYS CEREAL BOWL- fruit loops + sugar Milk + Cucumber melon
CRANBERRY CURD-cranberry + Lemon Curd + Orange zest
Creamed P#ssy = Pu$$y type buttercream cotton candy
Cucumber Breezer = Greek island breeze + cucumber + blue waters + basil + mint
Cupids Crush -Blueberry Cheescake Blueberry Sugar Blackberry Jam Raspberry Jam
Cupids Love Elixir-passionfruit raspberry strawberry vanilla sugar
DEAD MAN TELLS NO TALES - masculine blend of Viking Man - sandalwood - Bergamot Water - Frankincense - Frozen Blue Waters
December Wedding Christmas Tree Fir Needle cedar Vanilla Lace & Pearls
DEEP BLUE SEA - Salty Sea Air, Blue Sugar, Sea Mist
DISTINGUSHED GENTLEMAN - Palo santo -Shaving cream -Bergamot
DONT GET YOUR PANTIES IN A BUNCH - Vanilla Lace + fresh linen + cotton + Ozone + cotton blossom
DONT LEAF ME HANGIN - fresh fall leaves - white birch - green grass
EARLY FROST - fresh fallen leaves - alpine frost - frosted mint leaf
Easter Morning = clean air lilac wisteria clover ozone
EAT THE CAKE ANNA MAE-birthday cake + black cherry + butter+Vanilla + Cherry Soda + Buttercream
EGGNOG COFFEE- black coffee with rich and creamy eggnog and splash of rum would be revised but similar
EGGNOG CREAM BRULEE - Caramelized Sugar,Custard, Rum, kicking eggnog vanilla maple
EGYPTAIN SEA FLOWERS- Egyptian Amber + Sea Mist + Moonflower Nectar + Jasmine Petals
ENCHANTED WOODS - Palo Santo + Be Enchanted type + Velvet Sandalwood
ENTER SANDMAN - Palo Santo - Lavender Vanilla - Patchouli
ESSENCE OF SPRING - Clean Breeze- Lilac Blossoms-Sweetgrass & Dandelion - White Lilies
ETERNAL SPELLS - Opulent Oud + Sacred Amber + Madagascar Vanilla Pod
EVERGREENS & BERRIES - Pink Tinsel + Pink Sugar + Mulberry
EVERY BLOOMIN TIME- Cracklin Birch - Pink Pansies - Pink Citrus
Every Lady Loves Diamonds- Love Spell tropical fruit Jasmine and Fresh Green Musk
Every Rose Has A Thorn =Cann* Rose Type Vanilla Patchouli Sweetheart roses
FADEZ - Ozone -Shaving cream - Black sea
FALLING INTO WINTER - Fresh Fall Leaves - Fresh Sparkling Snow - Haybales
Femininity-Pink Chiffon love spell sparkling red pear vanilla orchid
flight of the bumblebee = hyacinth steel sugar bamboo grass ozone palm
Fluttering Dragonfly =Sunflower fresh air carnation lily of the valley blue grass sweet pea
footloose & fancy free= greek island breeze hyacinth fresh cut grass ocean water
FORK ME- sugared peaches+ cake batter ice cream + Pizzelle + powdered sugar
FREE SPIRIT - Patchouli Passion - Clean Breeze - Neroli & Jasmine
Fresh Cotton-egyptian cotton cucumber green tea
Fresh Island Breeze - Gain Island Fresh Citrus Clean Breeze Greek island breeze salt water
FROST COVERED ROSES - Red Rose type + Raindrops + Alpine Frost + snow flurries
FROSTED FOREST = Fir Forest + Winter Wonderland - Snowflakes
FROZEN LAVENDER - White Sage + Frozen Lake + Lavende
FROZEN RIVER = Frozen lake + River Birch
FROZEN WINTER CLOUDS- frozen lake + White clouds + eucalyptus + peppermint
GETTIN SOME HEAD- Headonic tonic + herbal greens + red raspberries + red raspberry Jam + Hint Of Mint
GHOST SNACKS - Peanut Brittle + Sugar Cookie Royale + Pumpkin Butter
Golden Silk + Cashmere & Silk + Egyptian Cotton + Gold + Linen
GOOSEBUMPS - Raspberry Jam + Coconut Rum + Yellow Cupcakes
GRACE 0'MALLEY - salty mariner - seaside serenity - baja cactus blossom
GRANDMAS HOUSE - this old house - apple pie - peach nectar
Grape Jelly Beans=Grape Jelly+jelly beans+muscadine Grape+homespun Sugar + Vanilla
Grape Punch - Grape + Hawaiian Punch + Grape Soda
GRAPE ROCK CANDY - explosive blend of Grapes-cherries- strawberries-raspberries - Vanilla Musk
GRAVEYARD FOG - London Fog + Charcoal + Tonka Bean + Thick Moss
Green Apple Euphoria = cherry, vanilla. tartness, green, hint of coconut, apple, musk, apple juice
Green Apple Jelly Beans-Green apple+ Green Apple Explosion+jelly beans+ homespun Sugar
GREENLEAF SPA - Wild Sage + Matcha + Aloe + Willow
GROWING CONCERNS-Green grass-Earthy Patchouli - Black Peppered Rose- Mint -Sheer Musk
Guilty Pleasures =Blueberry Cheescake Blueberry Sugar Pure Pleasure Winterberries Champagne
HARVEST BAKE SHOP-zucchini bread + Pumpkin Bread + Sugar Milk + Sweet Bakery Dough + pumpkin Pie Spic
HARVEST BLESSINGS- Fresh Fallen Leaves + Forget Me Not + Chrysanthemum
HAUNTED HAYRIDE Balsam + Vetiver + Country Air + London Fog +
HAWAIIAN LEMONADE- Blue Hawaiian + Lemonade + Vanilla rum
Head Over Heels - Strawberry Pound Cake White Clouds pennyroyal amaryis
Heart Shaped Snack Cakes =cherry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream White Cake
HEMLOCK FOREST- Chilled winds howl on a late October night Do you Dare to Enter The Forest where many have never escaped
Her Peach Is Juicee-juicy couture white peach bergamot apple peel vanilla musk
HIS SIDE OF THE BED-Spark for Men type, Snuggle, Black Pepper, Musk
HOLY BOOKS - Library + Palo santo + Vanilla sandalwood
HOLY GHOST - Palo Santo - Ghost Train - Patchouli - Ghost Flower
HOLY GRAIL-Palo santo Raindrops midnight blue citrus sparkling blue waters
HOLY SMOKES - Palo santo - Tobacco Caramel -Smoked saffron
Hot Lips-Acai Elderberry Blackberry Raspberry Cream Soda
HOWLING WINDS Clean Crisp Air + Blue Cedar & Lavender +
Hung out to dry,copper coconut type, white sands, driftwood
Immune Boost-Elderberry Strawberry white peach Bubbly
Irish Festival = irish spring + fresh cut grass + clover + aloe + bergamot waters
ISLAND FRESH TWEED- green irish tweed + gain island fresh + a special twist
ISLAND HOPPING -Greek Island Breeze - Sweet Strawberry - Fresh Citrus
ISLAND INCENSE - Nag champa - white palm -salty mariner
Its Smore Fun Together -bonfire smores toasted marshmallow sugar cookie royale vanilla extract
Jammin peach jelly beans = peach jam + peach nectar+ homespun sugar + jellybeans
Jolly Jelly Beans = wild watermelon jolly ranchers jelly beans
Keylime jelly beans=key lime cheesecake kaffir lime jelly beans homespun sugar
KING OF EGYPT - Blue Sugar - black ginger bamboo - Egyptian cotton
KINKY HAWAIIAN - fruit punch coconut maraschino cherry pineapple
KISS MY GRASS-Every single grass scent that i have sealed with a kiss
KIYA - Egyptian Cotton + Egyptian Amber + Amber Blush
LAKESIDE SUMMER-Cool Water layers with Aromatic Greens and Lavender surrounded by warm summer woods.
LAUNDRY LOVE -Laundromat + Cashmere & Silk + Beach Nights
LAUNDRY OVERLOAD - Several Laundry Scents Blended into One! A Must Have For Laundry Lovers
Lavender Cashmere Cream Lavender Sachet Cocoa butter Cashmere Creamy Vanilla Buttercream
LAVENDER CLEAN-clean cotton + eucalyptus + marine + lavender + Sage + Cypress air
LAVENDER LEMONADE SPARKLE=old fashioned lemonade + Lavender Blossoms + Hint of MInt and touch of sugar
LAWN & ORDER-fresh cut grass- clean breeze- dancing daisies - ozonel
LAWN SHARKS-Fresh cut grass - Driftwood- Orchid - Jasmine
LAY ME DOWN - Satin Sheets - Vanilla sandalwood - Pink Sugar
LEMON BERRY CAKE POPS-strawberry lemon ice type + Birthday Cake + Fresh Picked Berries
Lemon Cream Jelly Beans= lemon curd whipped cream jelly beans homespun sugar merimgue
Let Me Get A Taste = Old town Bake shop Blueberry Cobbler Pound Cake Sugared almonds Brown sugar
Let them eat strawberry pound cake -Strawberry pound cake type-Let them eat cake type-Warm vanilla sugar type
LIFE'S A BIRCH-Cracklin Birch - Beach Nights -Pure Sunshine
LILAC DREAMS- Dreamcatcher - Lilac Blossoms- Heliotrope- Jasmine- Dark Patchouli
LILAC LEMONADE - Lilac Blossoms - Lemonade - Bergamot
Lipstick Stains =Red Lipstick Blackberry Red Raspberry Champagne
Lost In Love- Love Spell pure paradise starfruit oceanic floral
Louisana Laundry magnolia clean & comfy blackberry clean cotton
Love At First Sip-Kiwi Juicy Strawberry plumeria Peach apple peel prosecco
Love Dont Cost a Thing - Love Spell blue waters rosewood juniper bergamot
Lovebirds-Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream strawberry shortcake whipped cream
Luck Of The Irish = irish linen + green irish tweed + irish spring + ozone moss
Lychee Swizzlesticks -Lychee strawberry raspberry Sugar Green Fig
MALEFICENT - Sleeping Beauty Lavender Vanilla + Lux Linen +
Mango Berry Blast -mango strawberry acai blackberry
Mango Milk Tea - Green Mango+ White tea+ coconut milk + Black Tea
MANGO PAPAYA SNOWCONES -Mango, pineapple juice, Papaya, Honeycomb whipped marshmallows, Blue Curacao, sugared vanilla bean.
Mango pineapple jelly beans = green mango aloha pineapple jelly beans homespun sugar
MARISSA - salty mariner - Egyptian cotton - lemon pucker - ozone
MARITIME NOVELS- Library - Amazon Falls - fresh air
MARITIME NOVELS- Library - Amazon Falls - fresh air
MARSHMALLOW BREAD -Zucchini bread - marshmallow bomb
Marshmallow Bread-Zucchini bread, marshmallow bomb
MARSHMALLOW MONSTERS Roasted Marshmallows + Sugar Milk + Pink Sugar
ME TIME - Patchouli Passion - Sandalwood Rose - Neroli
MEDUSA -do not gaze into her eyes or you will turn to stone. River Rocks - Thick Moss -
Midnight Cruise-Black Sea Egyptian Cotton Dark Amber Fresh Air
MORNING MEDITATION - Green Tea - Energy - Patchouli passion
MORNING SEX- masculine blend of musk + amber + cotton blossom+ jasmine + rare woods
MOUNTAIN TRAIL-Saltwater-Watery Greens-Fir Needles -eucalyptus-CedarLeaf Sea Moss- Cypress- Amber- Musks
My Funny Valentine-palo santo Tea Bergamot Violet Pink Berry Tonka
MY HAPPY PLACE - eucalyptus + eucalyptus spearmint + herbal lavender + vanilla extract
MY PROFESSOR WORE BLUE JEANS - Library + Blue Jeans + Antique Sandalwood
MYSTERY NOVELS- library + London Fog + Raindrops + Ozone
Natural Beauty -Cracklin Birch - Spring Rain - Magnolia Tabac - Patchouli & Vanilla
NEFERTITI -Egyptian Amber + Pure Seduction + Let Them Eat Cake
NEMOPHILIST - (A lover of the woods) Palo Santo + White Birch + White Clouds
NERINA - salty mariner - magnolia & peony - bamboo grass
Neshas Under The Plum Tree = steel sugar plum fig berries ozone watery undertones
Niagara Nights Pine Fir Cedar Beachwood White Blossoms Amazon Falls
NIGHT ON THE NILE - Egyptian Amber + Black Sea+ Thunderstorm + Sandalwood
Night Queen = Sweetheart roses rosewood blue skies white petals bergamot
NO SMOKING IN THE LIBRARY- Library - Smoked Vanilla -Amber & Musk
Noble Fir- palo Santo. Balsam. Cedar. Pine.Juniper. Cypress. Moss. Patchouli.
NORTH POLE WORKSHOP- Flannel + Ivory Woods + Frozen Lake + snow flurries
NOT A CREATURE WAS STIRRING - Cashmere woods & Tonka + Raindrops + Tonka & Oud + musk
NOT TONIGHT DEAR... I HAVE A HEADACHE - lavender lemon clean cotton linen
November Daffodils - november rain sunny daffodils
OLD TOWN ROAD-smells like riding a horse down an old town road in fall
OMAROSA - sandalwood & rose - egyptian cotton - oceans & ozone
One Night Stand -Black SEa Pink Orchid Amber fresh Air
Oral Sex Candy = cherry blowpops, cherry kool aid, gummy bear slushie
ORANGE CANDY SODA-orange soda + Gummy Bears + Mountain dew
ORCHARD CEREAL BOWL - fruit loops + sugar Milk + Bartlett Pear
OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST- evergreen - blue spruce - rose & geranium
OVER THE RIVER & THROUGH THE WOODS - Twilight woods - blue waters - fresh air
OVERLOADED CANDY BOWL- a candy bowl overflowing of 6 of our most loved sweet hard candy oils
OVERLOADED STRAWBERRY - A blend of our Most Loved Strawberry Oils in One
OWL EYES - Library - Shave & Haircut + clean Bergamot
PACIFIC PARADISE -ozone - tropical fruit mélange - powder- rose petals- cotton-orchid leaves-sandalwood musk
PALOS PINK CAKE -Palo santo + Pink Sugar + Birthday Cake
PANDEMIC PUNCH-Raspberry + Guava+Strawberry + Mango + Lime Martini
Passionfruit Swizzlesticks-passionfruit raspberry strawberry vanilla sugar
PEACE LOVE & DREAMS-purple sandalwood + Clean Breeze + Lavender vanilla downy + Violets
Peach Berrytini-white peach, strawberry sugar gin accord prosecco vanilla musk
PEBBLES BIRTHDAY-fruity pebbles + cake batter ice cream + birthday cake
PINEAPPLE PUNCH MOJITO- pineapple orange acai musk rum accord sugar cane
Pink Bamboo A Special In House Blend Containing Fresh Bamboo
Pink Cashmere Cream = pink sugar cocoa butter cashmere creamy vanilla Buttercream
PINK CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS- Flannel +Pink Sugar + Fresh Sparkling Snow + white musk
PINK COTTON Pink Sugar + Clean Cotton + Fresh Air
PINK CRYSTAL JEWELS-Egyptian Amber + Pink Sugar Crystals + light musk
Pink Diamond Tiara- Pink Chiffon Bombshell Diamonds purple passionfruit
PINK DOVES - pink sugar , dove type,
PINK FEATHERED BOA -Rose Gold + Flamingo Beach + Pink Chiffon
PINK FIGS & CASHMERE Pink Sugar + Summer Fig & Cashmere
PINK LINEN BREEZE - Summer Linen +Pink Sugar +Clean Crisp Air
PINK PALMS- White Palm + Pink Sugar + Marine Air
PINK PANSIES & BAMBOO- fresh bamboo -pink pansies -pomelo- transparent musk
Pink Patchouli = Pink Sugar + Pink Sugar Crystals + Sweet Patchouli
PINK STRAWBERRIES -Sweet strawberries - Pink Sugar
PINK SUGAR COOKIE CREAMS -pink sugar, cookie dough, sugar cookie Royale, creamy vanilla, buttercream frosting
Pink Tide - Pink Sugar + Tide
PINK VELVET -Black Velvet -Sweet pea - Sultry Amber -French Lavender
PINK WINTER SHEETS - Lux Linen + Pink Sugar + Flannel
PINK ZEBRA CHILLER- pink sugar, blackberry fizz, soda, ginger ale, citrus zest
Pistachio Berry Chiller = pistachio ice cream + strawberry + frankenberry + fizzy pops
Plum Crazy For you-Plum kiwi watermelon raspberry strawberry vanilla sugar
Plum Swizzlesticks-Plum raspberry strawberry vanilla wine accord
Plump N Juicee-juicy couture strawberry sugar plumeria violet petals
POISONED BERRY POTION Vampire Blood + Pomegranate Juice + Secret Sauce
PONY PASTURE-alfalfa- horsehair-green grass- worn leather- sawdust
Pot Of Gold = 24 karat gold gold sugar gold white musk
POUND THOSE CAKES -Strawberry Pound Cake-Vanilla Pound Cake- Lemon Pound Cake-White Cake
PUFFS & PLUMES - Tobacco - Cracklin Birch - Amber rose
PUMPKIN BREAD - pumpkin cupcake type + zucchini bread + pumpkin puree +caramel swirl
PUMPKIN CREAM COLD BREW- creamy pumpkin + Vanilla extract +creamy vanilla + fresh brewed coffee + Pumpkin Custard
Pumpkin Creme- sugar cookie brulee frosted pumpkin creme brulee
Pumpkin Crisps- rice krispie treats pleasing pumpkin pumpkin nut marshmallow
Pumpkin Rolls-Gooey cinnamon rolls creamy pumpkin custard icing drizzle
Pumpkin Stuffed - Pumpkin Cupcakes cupcakes at tiffanys pleasing pumpkin + Pumpkin
Purple Cashmere Sheets = cotton sheets, cashmere, sandalwood, violet,, cashmere woods.french lavender, creamy white musk
Queen of Hearts- strawberry pound cake Vanilla Bean Noel pink chiffon
QUIET COUNTRY NIGHTS -honeysuckle - thyme -soothing lavender - vanilla
Rainbow sherbet Jelly beans= lime pineapple orange raspberry creamy vanilla jelly beans
RAINDROPS ON ROSES-Red Roses- Raindrops - Hint Of Jasmine & Dew covered Grass
Rainforest Fresh +Gain island fresh + Ozone + Rainforest + Turquoise Sky +Watery undertones
Red Lipstick-dark sweet cherry, violet, sweet coumarin, pink raspberry, light brown sugar, cotton candy, sensual musk, French creme and tonka bean.
Rejoice= palo santo coastal kale sea water pink cashmere labdanum
RENEW- Aloe + Wood Sage & Sea Salt Type + Wild Sage+ Ozone
RESTORING ROOTS-Green grass-Sandalwood-CedarWood-Labdanum- OakMoss- clary sag
RHINESTONE COWGIRL -Egyptian Amber + Suede & Lace + Patchouli Vanilla
Riverside Drive-river birch white clouds fresh air ozone
RUBBING HIS BLARNEY STONE-Fresh Greens-Citrus-Bergamot-
SACRED AMBER -Nag Champa -Tonka Bean - egyptian amber - white musk
SALTY SIREN - rose gold - rose petal gelato - salty sea air
SANCTUARY -Patchouli passion - Pink Sandalwood - Driftwood
SAND -WITCH - Pink Sands + Crushed Black Velvet + French Lavender
SAND THROUGH THE HOURGLASS - Pink Sands + Golden Sands + sandalwood + Tonka
SANTO'S SALT-Palo santo + Cucumber & Sea Salt + basil
SCARECROW Green Bamboo + Fresh Flowers + Rainforest Showers
SCARECROW Green Bamboo + Fresh Flowers + Rainforest Showers
SEASHORE SLUMBER-Marine-Eucalyptus-Sea Salt-Lavender-Sage- Amber-Ozone
Secret Admirer - Cocoa Butter Cashmere Blackberry Jam Strawberry White Musk
SELENE - Goddess Of The Moon Goddess + Vanilla Cashmere
SELF LOVE - Amber Romance + Cotton Sheets + Vanilla Musk
SELF REFLECTION - Patchouli passion - Raindrops - Neroli
Sending Love From Above- Love Spell sheer floral guardian angel angel wings
SENSUAL SEDUCTION-Amber Romance -Velvet Sugar + Pure Seduction
Serendipity Mango Lassi = serendipity, Green Mango, Creamy Vanilla, Citrus berry
SERENITY cashmere weeping willow pink lilac lily of the valley
Setting The Mood-Sandalwood blue sage, White clouds, bergamot sheer lavender,
Sex By The Sea=cranberry guava, cherry,ocean spray, pineapple ,strawberry,musk,water lilies, peach, vanilla
SEXUAL SEDUCTION - Black Opium - Forever Midnight - Patchouli
Shake Yo Bum Bum + Bum Bum Sweet Strawberries Vanilla Milkshake Whipped Cream
Sharing Cock- Tales-kiwi, strawberry sugar gin accord white peach vanilla musk prosecco
SHORESIDE LILAC- lilac blossoms- coastal kale- ozone- Sea Minerals
Skipping Rocks- Smells Like A walk through a field on your way to the creek to skip rocks
SMOKING JACKET - Tobacco Caramel - Peeps - Smoked vanilla
SNOW ANGELS - Guardian Angels + Rain water W Fresh Sparkling Snow
SNOW CLOUDS- white clouds + steel sugar + Nordic Night
SNOW FAIRY FIZZ - Snow fairy type, fizzy pops, peach nectar, citrus.
SNOWBALL FIGHT - Alpine Frost + Frosted Pinecones +Fresh Sparkling Snow + snow flurries
SOUTH YOUR MOUTH-pumpkin pecan waffles. Sweet potato brown sugar. Buttercream. Vanilla
SPARKLING SEASIDE - Seaside Serenity - Moon Sparkle Type - Ocean Air
SPATASTIC-Midnight Blue Citrus + Swedish Dream Salt+ Green tea & Cucumber
SPERM WHALE-sea salt ozone jasmine coconut green leaves tonka bean
SPICED ORCHARD-crisp orchard spice. Angry orchard. Pumpkin pecan waffles. Creamy nutmeg
SPIDER CIDER Apple Cider + Mulled Spices + Bartlett Pear
SPIDER CIDER Apple Cider + Mulled Spices + Bartlett Pear
SPIN CYCLE - our most loved fabric softener oils with a splash of water
SPREAD MY BUNS - hot buttermilk biscuits fresh from the oven spread with fresh churned butter and a touch of wild strawberry jam.
Spring Evening = Fresh Cut Grass + Aloe +Clean Breeze + Green Clover + Ozone
Spring Fresh Cotton-egyptian cotton,bergamot blended with ozonic notes,aloe, white lilac and lily of the valley.
SPRING SEDUCTION- Lilac-Cashmere Woods & Tonka Bean-White Patchouli
SPRING STUFFED COOKIES- lemon lavender shortbread - Whipped Lemon Marshmallow -
SPRING TEA- Lilac Blossoms- Earl Grey Tea- Pink Berry Tonka Bean- Rose Hips
SPRINGTIME IN THE HAMPTONS-Lilac Blossoms- Palo Santo- Coastal Cypress-Marine- Eucalyptus
SPRINGTIME IN THE VALLEY- Juniper breeze - blue spruce - sweetgrass & violets
SPRUCE WILLIS - blue spruce - Caribbean teakwood - salty sea air - sandalwood
Steel Waters - Steel Sugar amber Waters Spring Water
STRAWBERRY BREAD BRULEE strawberry pound cake zucchini bread sugar cookie creme brulee
Strawberry Breeze - Sweet Strawberry - Clean Breeze - fresh air
STRAWBERRY BUM BUM CREAM-strawberry Pistachio and Almond; Heliotrope and Jasmine; Caramel, Vanilla, Salt and Sandalwood. Cream
STRAWBERRY CREAM SODA-sweet strawberry - cream soda - vanilla cream
STRAWBERRY DETOX -Sweet Strawberry - lemongrass - ginger - sheer musk
STRAWBERRY FROSTING -Sweet strawberries - Cream cheese frosting - buttercream
Strawberry jelly beans = strawberry jam + jelly beans+ homespun sugar + strawberry sugar
Strawberry Linens - Sweet Strawberry - Summer Linen - fresh air
Strawberry Mojito-fresh picked strawberry citrus acai musk sugarcane rum accord
STRAWBERRY POPTARTS-fresh picked strawberry raspberry unicorn poptarts butter & sweet bakery dough.
Strawberry Rose Gelato -sweet strawberries - rose gelato - champagne rose
STRAWBERRY TWINKIES - Strawberry + cream filled Twinkies + ice cream
Strip Clubs & Dolla bills-blue waters rosewood juniper bergamot mandarin rosemary
STUFFED BLUEBERRY ROLLS - Iced cinnamon rolls - blueberry cheesecake - cream cheese frosting
STUFFED BUTTER PECAN FRENCH TOAST- Crispy, golden pastry goodness with notes of condensed milk, Tonka Bean and rich, churned butter, pecans with caramelized brown butter buttercream frosting.
STUFFED LEMON MERINGUE COOKIES-lemon meringue. Sugar cookie. Marshmallow bomb
SUGA BOOGA-Steel Sugar + Pink Sugar +Warm Vanilla Sugar
Sugar Titz = kiwi peach watermelon cantaloupe strawberries with a sprinkle of sugar
SUGARED STRAWBERRY COOKIES- Fresh Strawberries + butter cookies+ whipped Cream + Vanilla sugar
Sultry Eyes = Cocoa Butter cashmere Dark Musk white clouds fresh air smoked vanilla
Summer in the South = peach nectar palo santo jasmine tropical air
Summer Jubilee= Summer linen, apples, peaches, juicy berries
Summer Passion- Patchouli Passion + Rain + Snuggle + Sheer Amber
SUMMER STORM -Midsummers night type - Storm watch type - ozone
SUMMER TIDES- Summer Linen + Tide + Morning Air
SUMMERTIME GUMMY BEARS-Fresh Strawberries + strawberry lemon ice + Gummy Bears
SUNDRESS SEASON-orange + lavender + ozone +rosemary + cotton + Amber +cypress + moss + fresh air
SUNSET STROLL - stroll in the garden - white hydrangea - bamboo grass
SWEATIN OUT MY EDGES-citrus sandalwood rosemary white musk lily of the valley magnolia argan oil ozone
Sweet Cherry Burst-maraschino cherry volcano cotton candy
SWEET LILAC-lilac blossoms- Sweet Pea Petals - Velvet Musk
SWEET SIXTEEN-Pink Chiffon + Pink Sugar + Birthday Cake + tiny tiny hint of java chip
SWEET SURRENDER-Velvet Sugar +Rose Gold + Sugared Musk
TAHAITIAN BUM BUM CREAM-Tahitian coconut Pistachio and Almond; Heliotrope and Jasmine; Caramel, Vanilla, Salt and Sandalwood.
TAHITI BEACH-Beach Nights + Tahiti Island Dream+ Coastal Kale
TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROAD - Honeysuckle - Blue Spruce - Thyme - moss
Taste Of Paradise-green mango passionfruit Laelias Blooms, Juicy Bignay Berries Yuzu Musk, Palm
Taste The Love- Strawberry Pound Cake Grape Jolly Ranchers Grape Soda
TEARS ON MY PILLOW - Himalayan sea salt + crushed sage + Fresh Linen + oud wood + ozone - cotton blossom
TEEN SPIRIT -Pink Bubblegum - Fruit Loops -Sugar Cookie Brulee
Terms Of Endearment=seaside serenity endless weekend Berry sorbet seaspray
TERRAZZINA BEACH- cool tropical breeze- egyptian cotton - emerald sands
The Dancing Pink Bear =apple mango tango gummy bears pink starbursts
The Daydreaming Tree - White Pine +Herbal Lavender + Lavender Vanilla+ Greenery
THE GRAVEYARD PATH -Fresh cut grass + cracklin birch + cypress + fir
THE STOCKINGS WERE HUNG - Cozy Flannel + Marshmallow Fireside + sugared Vanilla bean
THE TIDES HAVE TURNED - Midsummers night - Storm watch - Tide
THOT SHOT -Strawberry + Lime + Rum + Tropical Pineapple + Guava Nectar + Acai + Sugared Musk
THYME FOR FALL - Fresh Fall Leaves - Honeysuckle - Dew Covered Dahlias - Thyme
TIFFANY'S BREAKFAST zucchini bread cupcakes at Tiffany's cranberry rhubarb red berries strawberry jam
TIFFANYS PUMPKIN cupcakes at Tiffany's pleasing pumpkin pumpkin cupcake
Tongue Twister-juicy couture tangy kiwi nectarine vanilla musk
TOUCAN SAMS SMOOTHIE BOWL-Sweet Bakery Dough + Fruit Loops + Banana Berry Smoothie
TREE HUGGER - Adirondack - bamboo grass - pine sap
Tropical Bubbles-grape hubba bubba, dragonfruit, papaya
TWISTED LAVENDER BUTTER - lavender sachet, peppermint twist , buttercream frosting, vanilla
Twisted Plum Jelly Beans = dark plum+mandarin zest + jelly beams + homespun sugar
UNDER THE SEA - black coral & moss - vetiver - whispering coral - ocean air
UNWIND - Patchouli passion - geranium- bamboo - green leaves
VAMPIRA - 1000 Wishes + Vampire Blood Type + Pink Raspberries
VELVET PEAR- white velvet bow, anjou pear, Bartlett pear, sheer white musk, white poppy
VINTAGE VIBES - Vanilla lace - Patchouli Passion - Sandalwood & Neroli
WAITING AT THE WINDOW-Fresh cut grass - Raindrops-Forget me not -Magnolia
WARM EMBRACE-cocoa butter cashmere. Palo Santo. marshmallow Fireside type
Wash N Fold- Tide + Snuggle + Hint of Floral
Watermelon Punch- wild watermelon hawaiian punch sugarcane
WELLNESS SPA - ward off the negative energy with Palo Santo + Weeping Willow & Green Tea
WHERE THE OCEAN MEETS THE SKY- salty mariner - blue skies - blue waters
WHIPPED LEMON MARSHMALLOW- Meyer lemon- lemon zest fluffy Vanilla Bean marshmallow - sweet musk
WHITE CASHMERE SWEATER-Moroccan Cashmere + Sweater Weather + Ylang ylang + Bergamot + White Clouds
White Rose Patch - Rose Patchouli Vanilla
WHO BURNED THE LIBRARY DOWN? - Library + Bonfire + campfire smoke + amyris
Who-s Down with OPP? papaya starfruit water mandarin orange pear hibiscus golden amber
WILD BERRY BUM BUM MOUSSE-wild berry mouse, blackberry Pistachio and Almond; Heliotrope and Jasmine; Caramel, Vanilla, Salt and Sandalwood. Raspberry
WINTER CARNIVAL- cashmere winter candy apple neroli white musk
Winter Formal-Christmas Tree Fir Needle cedar winter linen Cashmere sandalwo
WINTER LINEN -bergamot- Orange Blossom-fresh linen- Jasmine-white floral- sandalwood-musk-cashmere
WINTER MEETS SPRING= Barley Grass + Calypso Orchids + Fresh Snow
WINTER PAJAMAS - Flannel Sheets + Pink Sandalwood + I Smell Snow + Peony Petals
WINTER SPA- Frozen lake + swedish dream salt + sparkling snow
WISH UPON A STAR-Starflower. Peonies. Sandalwood. Velvet musk. Sugared tangelo. Agarwood. Almond creme. Radiant Amber.
WITCHES CAULDRON Patchouli Oud Wood + London Fog + Tobacco Flower
WITCHES POTION - Muscadine Grapes Sweet Huckleberry-Dose of Pretty Pills
Yellow Diamonds-Bombshell Diamonds lemon sugar bergamot lemon curd
YOU CAN'T HAVE THAT FOR BREAKFAST- Fruit Loops + Strawberry Pound Cake + Pie Crust
You Had Me At Hello =seaside serenity seaspray cherry blossom freesia sandalwood musk
YOUR SOUL WILL NEVER GROW OLD ITS EVERGREEN - eucalyptus.cypress.moss.bayberry.fir.patchouli
ZUCCHINI CREAM CAKE-zucchini bread + cake batter ice cream + Birthday cake
Zucchini fluffs - Zucchini bread. Sugar cookie marshmallow fluff
ZUCCHINI SHORTCAKES ALA MODE zucchini bread strawberry shortcakes vanilla ice cream yellow cake whipped cream