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Our Liquid Scents are the revolutionary way to quickly and easily make your place smell great! No more chopping wax, no more waiting 2-4 weeks for wax to cure, and virtually no clean up. Just open the bottle and pour the scent directly into your warmer! Plus, it's super easy to mix and match scents and create custom blends, so you can become your very own scent mixologist. Get ready for a scent-sational experience!

if you have a super hot warmer i suggest adding water to your dish and then placing a few drops of our liquid scents to the dish. since water and oil do not mix - the fragrance will stay on top and as the water gets warmer it will disperse the fragrance into the air

TIP-- I prefer the hotplate style warmers. Each warmer is different with different wattages.
The hotter the warmer gets the more fragrance you will have however for a shorter amount of time.
If you have a cooler warmer the fragrance will last longer but not throw as far

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