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Simmering Salts

Simmering Salts

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Tired of digging wax out of your warmer but still want your home smelling fantastic?

Looking for a Summer alternative to wax?  Here you go!!

Simmering Salts
The Salts help clean & purify the air. They absorb odors, not just cover them up. The Salts will last indefinitely as long as they do NOT come into contact with water.

Designed to be used repeatedly. Once the scent fades you can store them in a bag until you empty your container. Once the container is empty you can place them back into the container and add some of our liquid scents- allow them to absorb the Liquid scents for a couple days and go back to enjoying them.

They will come in a polypropylene tub with resealable lid

Directions: Place a spoonful of Simmering Salts on your warmer and enjoy! That's it, once the scent fades you can simply toss or place into a glass container add refresher oils, allow to soak until oil is fully absorbed then they are ready to be used again.

The Simmering Salts can be used repeatedly doing this process, as long as they do not come into contact with water.


each container will come with 10 oz of Simmering Salts

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