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Introducing our POUND CAKES, a luxurious blend of premium waxes, concentrated fragrances, and essential oils hand-crafted to fill your home with an exclusive aroma that will make it the envy of your neighborhood. Our para-coco-soy blend wax melts are triple-scented for lasting strength and potency. These wax melts are presented in a recyclable tin in a zip top polypropylene bag and come with a unique Hybrid Paracocosoy blend for easy cutting and a shorter curing time. Enjoy a unique, long-lasting scent from beginning to end with proper storage.

1 Lb - 1 Lb 5 oz.

does contain mica and or glitter

colors will vary

Swirled pound cakes are similar to our chunky ones however the chunks are in ribbons and swirled in the container then overpoured with the same blend unless posted differently.

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