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Say goodbye to funky fresheners and odors with NO SH!T -Ultra Concentrated Air Freshener!  This ultra-potent spray works wonders both in the bathroom and beyond! Plus, with just a few spritzes, you’ll get a whiff of its lasting aroma for days! Just remember: don't get trigger-happy with the nozzle, or you'll be saying “That ain't no joke!” (NO SH!T)

This Is Not Intended For Use Directly On Skin. This Is An Ultra Concentrated AIR FRESHENER Spray

Ultra Concentrated Oil Spray.
■Non Aerosol
■No Formaldehyde 
■No Alcohol
■No Soy
■No Phthalates
■Basically No Sh*t
■The Big Box version of this sells for $6.99 for 1 oz
■There are approximately 300 sprays in 1oz bottle 

you are getting 8 fl oz with our version

do not spray directly on floors or hard wood surfaces. perfect for rugs- carpets etc. can be sprayed in the toilet before use as well to help with odors

poured to order, please allow an extra day for shipping 

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